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David Neuman 


David Neuman is a professional and highly experienced Washington, D.C. based photographer specializing in landscape, cityscape, urban, and long-exposure photography. He is 100% self-taught, and also offers portrait and event services. Contact David now to book your session.


David has been passionate about cameras and digital photography his entire life. His first camera was his grandfather’s old Nikon DSLR, which he used while living in Denver, CO. His creativity and passion grew, and he began using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for post-processing and editing.  


David’s career experience includes sales, marketing, and customer service in advertising agencies in the Los Angeles metro area. He earned a B.S. in International Studies from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. David also lived in Tokyo where he hopes to return one day to capture more colorful scenes and story-tell with his stunning images. 


David’s photography services truly display his passion of capturing beautiful scenes and exploring environments. These photographs are mostly taken in natural light settings, displaying vibrant and beautiful colors.


Visit David’s online store today to purchase digital and/or print copies of his work!

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